Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 Quartzsite #RV Show- Too Busy First Day

We said we weren't going to go to this year's RV Show in Quartzsite. We wanted to avoid the madness. All the extra traffic, the lines of traffic- and crowds of people, but we didn't listen to our own words, and headed there today. First day of the week long show, and didn't stay long. We were in the Big Tent and it was wall to wall people.. we walked heel to toe with everyone, so we looked for the nearest exist once we saw one. 

It was much better outside, where there were 5th wheels, and RV's for sale, food booths, and other vendors, but there was way more walking room. We didn't stay too long- were there to look for a bit as Jakey was back at the RV, and we had some other errands to run. Maybe we'll go back again- but it will be at the end of the week when it hopefully dies down. Even my internet has been super slow with the influx of people in town.

We are thinking we'll leave town for part of the week though just to get away from the madness for a bit. Even if for a few days, and maybe an hour's drive away.