Looks Like I'm Going Back to Mexico!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

After a week of enjoying my new cap/crown, it broke off! Yup- never ate anything more than a muffin and oh no! Off it came. 

So since we are 1.5 hours away- we'll be making another trip that way on Monday to have it re-cemented. Grrr- a bit of an inconvenience too since it's extra gas with the RV and I am not the best with trips to the dentist and my anxiety..but. Has to be done.

We'll overnight there, and head out the next day for a stop in and around Phoenix, to pick up a few things and use some of my gift cards in the area that I haven't been able to use here. We were there, and in Scottsdale before, so won't be doing much in the way of sightseeing- just more or less passing through.

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