A Bit of a Change

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wanted to share pictures of some painting I had Gerry do for me.  In  May we added back splash to the washrooms in the RV and Gerry had also painted the whole place with a fresh coat of a light beige. But- wanted another new look- so did a bit of painting.
In the smaller bathroom we left the back splash and also did it in two colors of gray. I also picked up 2 different fish for the walls from Hobby Lobby, in a light metal. They caught my eye in the store and had to have them!
Our bedroom also got the same color change. We like the change, and probably will do the living room area too at some point in the near future. Never know how things will turn out till you actually get started with painting.
You can see our post from May here, of the bathrooms before the below paint jobs. And some updated photos below:
( Excuse the not so bright picture of the bigger bathroom- the lighting in there is incandescent bulbs and in the other bathroom we have LED's in there so it's much brighter. The bulbs however for the bigger bathroom would need 6 and at $6-$8 a bulb we have left it for now).

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