A True Story on The Dangers of E-Cigs

Monday, September 3, 2018

Shared story from our daughter:

"Yes this is a true and scary tale - be warned! As some of you may know (ma and Gerry) Chris woke me up this AM to ask if I could smell something electrical burning. I hadn't while I was snoozing but once I got up the smell of what I assumed were burning wires was very strong and tangy in the air. Being as our house is a sailboat, many of the wires are old, as well as being buried underneath the floor, walls, cabinets, etc. Boat fires are something we all fear and not a fun job to start pulling everything apart and tracing wires. We shut off the shore power as well as the batteries and Chris started checking things out, disconnecting, touching wires and looking for anything that may have melted or felt hot. We had pinpointed the strongest smell in the hallway which was right beside the engine room (LOTS of wires in there!!), the fridge (second hand and could be faulty/dusty/overworked in this heat) and the battery storage compartment. The smell seemed to slightly dissipate as the day went on. I spent most of it at work, wondering if the boat was burning down and whether Chris knew how to use the fire extinguishers if needed."

"After supper, we disconnected and pulled out fridge, defrosted and cleaned coils. Still smelly. I was putting away some of the mess we had made during the day, moving some stuff off of our navigation center (a map desk at the start of the hallway) and happened to pick up my e-cigarette which Chris had put into an opened Ziploc bag while I was away on vacation. The plastic bag was melted to the desk, goo leaking out underneath, the glass tank for the liquid had shattered and the mouthpiece was blown off the top!!! And here was our tangy electrical smell! So scary that that was something I was putting up to my FACE and smoking from before!! The lithium battery seemed to have exploded or caught on fire sometime during the night/early morning but luckily only scorched the top of the desk instead of catching something else on fire. I was scared to touch it but took some photos of it still in the bag and you can see the holes and crispy plastic. Bits of glass in the bag also from the tank shattering!"

Warn your friends and loved ones about these dangerous devices!! This could have been a LOT worse!!

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