PEACE, LOVE, GOATS OF ANARCHY: How My Little Goats Taught Me Huge Lessons About Life By Leanne Lauricella with Alli Brydon

Friday, September 21, 2018

In April of 2014 Leanne Lauricella’s life changed forever. That’s when she left a lucrative corporate gig in New York, NY and brought home two baby twin goats, Jax and Opie, to her New Jersey home. Driven by a passion to help animals in need, and a growing fascination with goats, GOATS OF ANARCHY was born. By December 2014 Lauricella traded her high-heels for boots, her Mercedes for a pick-up truck, and her life’s work began in earnest. On her first day after quitting her job Instagram featured a photo of her goats on their home page, and almost immediately 30,000 followers was the result – the Goats of Anarchy phenomenon had officially begun.

Liberated goats, many with special needs, and freed from abandonment or mistreatment, find a home at Lauricella’s New Jersey sanctuary and barely four years later, Goats of Anarchy is an inspiring sensation with over 565,000 followers at Instagram. Many of the goats have become stars themselves and the passionate and fast-growing online following check in for a daily dose of goat antics, talents, and personalities mixed with tribulation, rehab, and rescue. This has led to appearances on Rachel Ray, Buzzfeed, People, Huffington Post and many other outlets, as well as several Webby Awards, along with Leanne penning several books.  

Lauricella's story, and what her goats have taught her, is the genesis for her inspiring new book, PEACE, LOVE, GOATS OF ANARCHY: How My Little Goats Taught Me Huge Lessons about Life (Rock Point USA, publishing September 18, $19.99 US/$24.99 CAN). It’s part humor, part memoir of living with goats, and part testament to the power of giving back. The book covers the inside story of how Lauricella found herself drawn to these wonderful animals, how suddenly saving her first goats gave her a clear sense of what her purpose was and how she founded Goats of Anarchy. Lauricella details how she got through the difficult and often sad times in caring for her goats and building a farm sanctuary. She provides insight into the lessons she learned, sharing heartwarming stories of how her goats have taught her about compassion, finding purpose, perseverance, confidence, justice, patience, inspiration, mercy, strength, and courage.

In addition to PEACE, LOVE, GOATS OF ANARCHY, in October Lauricella’s next children’s book comes out,Angel and Her Wonderful Wheels: A true story of a little goat who walked with wheels (Walter Foster, Jr., October 2, 2018, $17.95 US/$22.95 CAN). It’s the heart-warming true story of Angel, a baby goat at Goats of Anarchy, who learns to walk, run, and play thanks to her pink cart.

Be inspired by how much a few barnyard goats can teach you about life in PEACE, LOVE, GOATS OF ANARCHY.

About the Author

Leanne Laurciella knew nothing about animal sanctuaries when she left New York City for the wilds of New Jersey in 2011. She started her Instagram account, @goatsofanarchy, shortly after getting her first two goats, Jax and Opie. Today, Goats of Anarchy is a growing farm animal sanctuary and an official registered 501(c)3 charity that provides special-needs goats happy and loving forever homes. Goats of Anarchy has over 565,000 followers at Instagram, winning the 2016 People’s Voice Webby Award for Animal-Based Social Media Account. Lauricella’s books include Goats of Anarchy: One Woman’s Quest to Save The World One Goat At A Time, and the kids books Polly and Her Duck Costume, Piney the Goat Nanny and Goats of AnarchyAngel and Her Wonderful Wheels, publishing October 2018

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