Time For New Tires

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Looks like as much as I didn't want to spend a big chunk of money, we have to. Need 4 new tires for the SUV- appt made for this Thursday.
One tire got a rock in it a few days ago, and was enough to flatten it. It was a good thing it went flat in the driveway and I noticed it, Gerry patched it, and good to go again. But he did say they are all worn and something we don't want to have to deal with when we are traveling this Fall- worrying about getting a flat. Had that happen once before. 

Shopped around for the best deal with install. Also had a $30 credit from the dealership, that HAD expired since we didn't use it after 18 months, but I asked, and they reinstated it for us. 

Total will be about $915 . We'll  put it on our Visa and pay that off, but should earn about 1-2 % cash back on that purchase. We'll earn Reward points for that purchase and Gerry should be able to buy a new travel mug or something with THOSE points.

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