Thursday, August 16, 2018

Keeping Busy!

We're noticing the weather has already been turning. Mornings are cooler and when Gerry goes to cut grass early in morning- dew on grass. ( Still working part time with the lawn cutting business he works for). Doing some of our own yard work too- trimming trees, still picking raspberries, and lawn cutting. Found an easy recipe for raspberry jam too so no raspberries going to waste. Not sure sunflowers will see heads though, some tomatoes growing but slow as well, and carrots staying smaller too. I still think we have a good month left though for all of them.

Going to get another section of fence up too soon. 

Waiting on the window repair guy to come replace our RV window. 

Gerry been sanding doors and refinishing in the RV as well. Also want to add some spindels in the living room to kinda separate the living room from the dinette booth. So will see how that goes.

Also took some pictures of up on the RV- he's going to have to do some repairs as it is rotten over by the bathroom skylight and all previous owners did was pile more caulking on top of more caulking on it! He said about 50% of the roof is rotten. I told him I'll win the lottery soon and get a new RV!

Had to get new brake pads for the SUV- very worn and squeaky- $93- but good Gerry can do his own mechanical work- for the most part. Some savings there.

I had gotten a jacket from Old Navy that I wasn't 100% sure on its color but after spending $2 on some dye, it didnt quite turn the black I thought it would but more an olive green which I like and doesn't even look dyed! Getting used to my new camera still and uploading pictures- so looks like I deleted the "before" but do have the "after" LOL..

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