Review: Stencil Revolution

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Review by: Cynthia

I love, love, to sew, quilt and craft.  I might not be an expert, but I know what I like and the Stencil Revolution stencils I got are absolutely perfect!  There are so many great designs, and different sizes. 

I feel like a kid again in school taking up art. I can't wait to try these great designs on t-shirts with spray paint, fabric markers, roller paints.  I know they will stand out.  Will I add a caption to each?  What colors will I use?  Fun, fun.  I am a senior but I have done stencils on jeans for myself, nothing too big or much, but even for gramma it looks cool. 

I can picture the stencils being used on tea towels, towels, fleece blankets, the list is endless.  My one granddaughter who lives in the tropicals would love something with the shark or beach stencil, perhaps a pair of pillowcases. 

I would highly recommend this site, their designs are the best!   

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  1. This is similar to a carbon paper it is an all purpose paper and can be used on paper,wood,acetate,metal and cloth. fabric paint pens


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