Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

What a rainy day today is here in south central Arizona.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! What is everyone doing today for Valentine's Day?

We went to the casino today as we are overnighting for a few days in their parking lot @ the Blue Water Resort & Casino, in Parker, Arizona. We've been here about 3-4 nights. 

It has been nice most days lately to just go for walks around here. Very nice resort and  casino, on the Colorado River. Jakey has also loved walking to the river daily and chasing the ducks and other birds, in the water , running up and down the shore! Today he got a bit too brave and ran in for them not realizing the water was past his knees- ha ha! He's been coming back to the RV daily all sandy and wet and needing to be washed off but he sure has had fun!

We ordered from Pizza Hut online today, their Happy Valentine's Day Bundle.

You get a medium pizza shaped like a heart, and choice of brownies or a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. We chose the brownies and Gerry ordered some honey BBQ wings as well. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day.

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