When On the Road RV Living

Sunday, February 10, 2019

When on the road RV living ,we count on brands like Dometic. They make mobile living easy. Always been a  great company for all our RV living needs.
Products like their 3 ‘N 1 Bowl Cleaner and Tank Treatment

We always are using tank treatments with being on the road. Tanks we find have to be dumped and refilled at least every 8 days. Their 3 in 1 is great for freshening the air, cleaning the toilet bowl and providing biodegradable waste break down. This is one product you cannot be without!

Equally important when on the road RV living for us is our safety, which is why we have the  Dual LP/CO Alarm.

The Dometic Duo LP & CO Alarm will keep us safe by providing a visual and audible alarm when unsafe levels of LP or CO are present. This gives us peace of mind for sure, and every unit should be equipped with one. Carbon monoxide is odorless and is why it's called the "silent killer". You want to be protected from this!  If your unit has an alarm already, be sure to check for an expiry date as it may be time to get a new one!

We've also ordered the Fantastic Vent 7350 and waiting till we get back home and Gerry replaces the roof this Spring to install. Who thought my hubby could get so excited about a vent fan LOL. This one will replace one we have in our kitchen though. Gerry loves the face that the new one has the rain sensor, easy to install and has a powerful fan. We think the one in the kitchen will come out and may be added to the bedroom since there is no fan in there in the roof.The AC we have in there now is quite loud. This will offer some vented air on warmer nights when there isn't a breeze outside. 

When on the Road RV Living, it's always great to have reliable brands to fall back on like Dometic.

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