How We Brought Back The "Glow" on our RV

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Last year while in Arizona, we were approached by a man, while we were parked in a parking lot, who had noticed that our RV had lost it's shine. At the time, it wasn't something that we thought much of. Plus being approached by a random person offering to shine it, wasn't something we felt comfortable with. But after thinking about it a bit more, we looked into connecting with a company called Poli Glow Products. The products they carry are a proven concept for boat or RV polish and not a wax. 

Applying Poly Glow very quickly changed our once dull RV into a shiny looking one that the neighbors soon took notice of.

In addition to a wonderful shine, the Poly Glow withstood a hailstorm we had, with no visible damage.

It was also applied to our headlight covers on the RV, with wonderful results.
This product has for us, proven to meet all expectations and we would not hesitate to suggest it to others who are looking to shine up their boats, RV's, etc..

Steps to using Poli Glow-

The ideal temperature to apply Poli Glow would be between 55 and 60 degrees, preferably on the warmer side.  When applying the Poli Glow, there are a few essential steps:

1.  Be sure to clean the surface thoroughly with Poli Prep.  Poli Glow is a water-based polymer and has no cleaning agents.  It will seal in whatever dirt or grime that you have on the surface of the RV.

2.  Be sure to apply a minimum of 4-6 coats of Poli Glow.  This is probably the most crucial step in the process.  As you are probably aware, fiberglass is very porous.  The first 2-3 coats of Poli Glow will embed into the pores and seal the surface, and the remaining 2-3 coats will protect and make the surface shine. 
3.  Work in small areas, 3-4 foot sections is good.  Complete that section and then move on to the next section.  Make sure Poli Glow dries entirely between coats; this is why the warmer temperature is so important.

4. Poli Glow will last for about a year, and then it is recommend a maintenance coat.  Possibly 2-3 coats reapplied to a clean surface.  Cleaning the RV will be much easier with Poli Glow on because the surface dirt will wipe right off.  Clean the surface with a mild dish soap.

5. Poli Glow can be removed with Poli Strip.  People worry that once they apply Poli Glow, they won't be able to remove it.  Poli Strip takes it right off!

Poly Glow Products has some great instructional videos as well: @

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