My Journey as a Blogger – A Brief Insight

Friday, September 25, 2020

I started as a blogger to pen my ideas, experience, and thoughts in a meaningful way while sharing the same with the world. Blogging became a passion soon after I started because it helped me engage with the readers, get feedback, exchange ideas, and network with other bloggers and peers. When I started around 12 years or so back, my blog looked nothing like this, and I had no clue how to edit the posts, leave aside trying to make my blog look attractive or appealing to the target audience. However, I never compromised upon the message I want to deliver across to the readers. I blog to share my knowledge and experiences and provide value to the target audience. 

There is no doubt about the fact that I have improved drastically over the years. I have learned a few tricks of the trade on the way, which includes marketing my blog effectively, reaching out to a larger audience, creating social media marketing funnels, and using my authority on thrifty living to share instrumental financial and lifestyle tips with my audience. When I started as a blogger, it was more of a passion, and never knew it would take me this far. 

But it has, and it has continued to open doors to newer possibilities and opportunities that I didn’t even know existed,  including affiliate partnerships and marketing. I shifted to a better platform, got my blog redesigned, gained authority on search engines in my target niche, and continue to witness a massive increase in traffic. Three things that have helped me on the way are patience, perseverance, and constantly upgrading my knowledge about blogging. Learning is a never-ending process and since it interests me, I never really felt worked up. It is why people say turn your passion into an occupation, and you never really have to work a day in your life. 

I saved money from my primary income initially to fuel my growth as a blogger. I didn’t spend extravagantly or unnecessarily on luxuries of life that many of my friends indulged in and often even had to compromise that movie-night or party-night. But, it is worth it when you notice a gradual increase in traffic to your blog day after day, and more clicks on the ads on your blog. It is not only financially rewarding but also provides a sense of satisfaction that is inexplicable in words. Undoubtedly, it takes time to achieve that sweet success, and though it might seem easy at the outset, there is a lot that continues to happen in the background that contributes to it. 

My blog has become one of the go-to blogs on lifestyle and finance niche, and I have become an influencer marketer blogger in the process. The journey as a blogger started as a passion but has now turned into a full-fledged day job that has allowed me to spend more time with my family while doing what I want to do. With that said, I don’t take my success for granted and continue to put in the equal effort or more today than I used to 12 years back. I continue to live within my means, prefer saving before spending, and make it a point to stay within my budget. I recommend the same to my audience as a blogger and influencer to prioritize needs before wants in life regarding finances. 

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