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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Some links worth checking out this week:

1. Covid has had our small town shut down for a few months already- we are all missing regular services like our hairdressers, and being able to shop for non essentials. Our town has started getting some vaccines in but for now they are for 75+ only. This doesn't qualify us yet. So many were anti vaccine before but I think more and more want to get it. Read more on why to get vaccinated.

2. We lost our power yesterday while the power guys replaced a transformer up on the pole. Although it was maybe an hour, it seemed like forever. We also run our furnace with power, so when the power stops, the furnace blowing warm air, and you don't want that happening for long in the winter! We sure notice how much we rely on things like our power and water, when we don't have them. This link provides items to have on hand when your power goes out in the winter.

3. Great Valentine Dessert and Treat ideas ...

4. Want to get away from that 9-5? Meet the Frugalwoods! 

5. Looking for a portable space heater and not sure which one to choose- Canadian Tire Canada can offer some help with that.

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