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Sunday, January 10, 2021

We are still in a lock down in our border town. It was just extended another 2 weeks- added to the 8 we've already had. It's most upsetting too when we hear the further outbreaks were caused by tracing to holiday gatherings. It's sad when the rest of us have to be punished for the actions of others.

Netflix has the new season of Inside World's Toughest Prisons. We enjoy watching that show. Gives us an appreciation of our freedom for sure. I must say, we appreciate watching the news, but over the last year for sure, it's put a damper on our moods.

My mom had passed up a bunch of bananas for us to use. Had made muffins and still had some left, so tried this great banana cookie recipe that only uses 2 bananas. I omitted the clove spice in it though, added some chocolate chipits and used Becel's plant based bricks, which I find is awesome for cookies! 

I'm selling my rebounder. I have always wanted one but after getting one and using it for a month, I found it was making my knees more sore and my toes. It was like it aggravated them. The re bounder is suppose to be wonderful for circulation, etc but I felt I was only going to do myself more harm if I kept it. I am going to stick to u tube videos and my stationery bike.

Gerry cleaned up our under the counter radio that was looking a bit dingy.. had thoughts of buying a new one, but Gerry took it down and cleaned it up with Spray Nine- and good as new!

Looking forward to a new week- hope it's more promising then the one before it. 

Stay safe everyone.

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