5 Reasons Why We Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Although I believe in shopping local, I also am a consumer that looks for the best value for my dollar.

When eyeglasses are costing in the hundreds of dollars, ( my poor mother spent $700 once at the local optometrist for glasses till I heard about it and said oh no- dont do that again!)  Glasses should not have to cost the average consumer that much money. Since I have been blogging, I have worked with a few online businesses that sell eyeglasses, including one called JINS. JINS sells stylish and fun prescription glasses and sunglasses designed in Tokyo. Starting $60 | Lenses included

We personally love shopping for eye glasses online and here is why:

1. Shopping for your eyeglasses online is cheaper than buying from an optometrist.

2. If you have a valid prescription, and would like to have a "spare" pair. It's perfect to buy them cheaper online. My husband uses his spare pairs while working in the shop. My mom once fell and broke hers, so it was good that she too had a back up pair.

3. Convenience! Who doesn't shop online nowadays.. it's just so easy.

4. Most accept returns and exchanges, like JINS with their return policy- just in case.

5. Wide selections

My mom and Gerry both shopped online saying : 

The selection of glasses they had to chose from was great. Their frames were sturdy, there was a great variety of styles and colors  and they fit well. Looking exactly like they thought they would be, when they arrived. The glasses in all are of a good quality for the price one pays.  Would both gladly recommend this company to anyone else, a ten out of ten.

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