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Friday, January 29, 2021

How is everyone doing? Our prime minister always is reminding us " we're all in this together" and frankly it gets to be played out like that "broken record" . The news can be depressing and I'm sure we all want life back to some normal. I have to remind myself though when I do get down that we all have a story to tell, and there are others that are going through or have gone through more hardships with this virus than myself. We can only hope every day is just another day closer to all this being just a memory. 

This week I called a few companies to compliment them on their products. At the same time I usually ask for coupons as well, as it saves me a bit of money for the next time I buy from them. So it's not all about complaining- and I am sure they appreciate compliments as well.

I came across a couple of card companies as well that I want to share with you. We personally have been on lock down here in northern Manitoba for almost 3 months! We can't even buy greeting cards! It's nice to know there are online companies that have some wonderful cards that we can order from. Moki Greeting Cards also has great Canadian greetings and artwork abstract art and art cards from emerging Canadian artist, Sharon Stern. You will find exactly what your looking for with either one.

Seems like my dental is acting up again. Dental with no insurance is rough, and we used to always go to Mexico to have work done when we were travelling. We get what we have to get done, here in Canada...I have been using warm, salted water when I do find things act up or I have inflammation with my gums. It's actually better for you and so much cheaper than using mouthwash!

Food, like everything else continues to be on the rise as well. Its gotten so out of hand, and we live in northern Canada where prices are more due to "delivery costs" so they say.We're feeding 3 adults at our place and a Yorkie that eats like a teenager I swear!

On one last note, and especially for women over 50, there is a great utuber I watch that has fabulous50's.. her short videos are great for exercises,fashion and lifestyle ideas for those over 50.. Check her out!

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