Heading Back Home

Monday, November 21, 2022


After being on the road for over 3 weeks, we made the decision to turn around and head home. Wasn't the original plan for sure. We had thought get as far as South Carolina or Florida and make that our Winter home. The things we saw were great but what wasn't great was the cold, the money we were spending on gas, and losing $$ with the US exchange, the price of groceries and the heavy traffic on the interstates in the mid west and east. We decided there was a window of opportunity to make it back home on the highway and hope not to hit snow. 

We are definitely going to put the RV up for sale. Too much of a gas guzzler for frugal folk, and look at getting something less expensive and hard on gas.

We also gained a big appreciation for truck drivers. Some of those highways are unreal with the traffic. We stayed a couple nights too at truck stops and they get full fast and then others are looking for a place to get off the road, and sometimes there just isn't a place close to stop, so this is why you may see some just stopped on on ramps, or on highways. Even some Walmarts do not allow overnights for them. It's sad to see because they are hauling our goods to where they need to get to. We need to be more accommodating for them. Truck stops don't always have enough room.

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