RV Life and a Stop to the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky

Monday, November 14, 2022

The RV lifestyle has it's up's and down. We love seeing new places and seeing wonderful attractions on our travels, but the cost of travelling for 3-4 months in a Class A can definitely come at a cost, and not only for gas or camping. We had our furnace break down just a few days ago. We are in Kentucky and it hasn't been warm. Seems like a cold spell going through too, but our furnace had a wire get caught under it with the movement of the RV, and that caused it to blow the motherboard, which runs the furnace. We were lucky to find a mobile repairman but at a cost of having to stay at  campground near a national park, ouch! and labor costs of $140 an hour in the end it was a $900 expense for us. 

This was our first time to the Midwest and Southern states, so it's been a further drive than we have been used to. Traffic is alot more busier on this side of the country! I sure have an appreciation for the truckers out there that travel these interstate highways! We have been thinking once we get back home in the early Spring we would like to sell this big RV and downsize to something smaller, and go from there. The last time we were in the USA 2 years ago, things were cheaper all over.. food as well has gone up considerably, just like back in Canada. And so goes life.

We had an opportunity though to stop at the National Corvette Museum while we were passing through Bowling Green, Kentucky. It's truly a must see... and the presentation of the cars alone is something to see. The Museum opened in 1994 as a home, library, archives and museum exhibit space for all things Corvette. There are classics in mint condition, one-of-a-kind prototypes that never went into production and modern-day wonders of engineering and design.

As part of the Corvette Museum’s Zora Arkus-Duntov exhibit, an urn with his cremated remains is also on display. So even in death, he remains with his treasures.  And what a wonderful visit we had. 

Places like these and others are why we travel though. For us to enjoy and to share with you, our readers.

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