The Ark Encounter- Williamstown, Kentucky

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

If anything would have made this trip all the worth of the long drive from Alberta to Kentucky,  it's seeing the Ark Encounter today. It was for sure on the top of our lists of the most amazing things we have seen. Put it on your bucket list! This is a family friendly place to experience Bible history. Not only is there the amazing ark that's made true to size of the biblical dimensions, but a zoo, zip line and so much more. Plenty of places for snacks, drinks and eating and reasonably priced as well for hot meals on site. 

The ark is 3 levels high with easy to walk ramps, but as well elevators, and washrooms on every level. Plenty of staff to ask questions of, and plenty of seating around the ark to have a rest. Extremely clean and well laid out for easy navigation inside and outside of the ark.

Besides buying some tasty fudge, cookies and hot meals while there, we also took in the small zoo and went to the virtual reality experience. It is an extra cost of $15 but a must see. I am glad we did it. Its a virtual peak back in time on how Noah constructed his ark and how God commanded him and how the flood came about. It will last 10 minutes and you will wish it was longer or want to do it all again!

Come to Kentucky! See the Ark Encounter- and thank me later! 

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