Another Week of Menus

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another week of menus for those thinking : "what  can I  cook for supper this week", (please keep in mind, I am no fancy  cook- we get by one what I do cook though-LOL):

Monday-pizza-homemade or frozen- you decide

Tuesday-Take out- your choice-hopefully you do have a coupon!

Wednesday-Fried pork chops with seasoning salt, sliced , cooked potatoes in fry pan after chops are done cooking and a tossed salad

Thursday-Chicken breasts with your own coating or Shake n Bake, salad of your choice, wild rice,( instant store bought bagged type or your own), and baked potato

Friday-Ham sausage fried with onions and perogies

Enjoy this weeks menu!

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