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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toronto - is a peer-to-peer online market for discounted gift cards. It serves two types of people: Savvy shoppers who are looking to save money before heading to the malls, 10-40% off face value; and gift card holders who would prefer to have cash. With registrants doubling monthly, CardSwap launches this holiday season by providing trusted third-party services to this unserved niche of consumers. It’s like an eBay exclusively for gift cards, but better, as CardSwap provides a guarantee on the funds and value in the card.

It is estimated that as much as 10-19% of gift cards are never redeemed, probably forgotten or lost. In a $6 billion dollar Canadian industry, this is a huge problem.

CardSwap is now giving consumers holding these unwanted gift cards a choice. Simply: Register, post the gift card up for sale (which is verified before listed) then sit back. The seller will receive an email notification when the card is sold. Sellers have full control over the price of the gift cards and are charged 6% (minimum $4.50) of the sale price.

In the current economic climate consumers are looking for ways to stick to a budget with minimal change to their current lifestyle. Not only can consumers receive a 10-40% discount they can be sure that all the gift cards posted are valid, secure and can be purchased quickly and conveniently.

CardSwap Certified Guarantee includes the following:

1. Validation: validates all gift cards before putting them on the site through the retailers website, 1-800 number, or direct store location number. You will never buy a gift card that does not work, or has inaccurate amount on

2. INTERAC Only: uses a no credit policy to ensure that we and are users cannot become the victims of credit card fraud. Through INTERAC are users are redirected to complete transactions at their own secure financial institutions, which is similar to making an online bill payment.

3. Refund Policy: Because our verification methods are stringent and transaction processes secure we can offer full refunds to unsatisfied buyers.

In addition to these securities, has implemented a Wish List. Users may create a Wish List of favourite retailers and are notified when gift cards from these retailers become available, allowing them to reap the savings from their regularly shopped stores without ever having to search the site.

CardSwap has already attracted thousands of registered users who have enthusiastically embraced this new online site. This Toronto based company, is the first in Canada but has already been proven by the several successful sites in the US. In this era of free information, consumers are able to connect using easy to navigate technology for very specific reasons, such as e-commerce sites like CardSwap.

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Contact Information: Frances Ho, Founder: (416) 491-2233, is in the news

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  1. There's another site that's been around for a while called Gift Card Swap Canada,, it's a straight swapping site rather than an auction site.


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