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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been juggling a few things lately- studying and assignments for my course I am taking by correspondance- putting in at least 2 hours a day .

The regular day to day keeps me busy too as does  the blog, reviews, etc.I have a few reviews to do, books to read, add to that the Christmas rush, and yeah, I'm busy. But it really does beat being bored! LOL
I feel lately too that I haven't been as thrifty as I can be and I guess it just may come with the holiday season. After all, we are all spending on gift giving to some extend beyond what we normally spend.
At Gerry's office they have gift exchange, they bring food one day of the week, and they fill 13 stockings with small items.

Erika is in grade 12 this year so there's no teacher gifts to buy for.

We have been donating too- food banks, Christmas kettles, clothing for the needy, animal shelter items, so it all ads up, but we are still trying to keep it in balance. It is also the season of being generous and giving to those with less than ourselves.

I realize that this time of the year it's not as easy to pinch pennies but we're not going crazy with the gift giving either.

How's your spending going for the holidays? Do you feel like your keeping it under control or do you feel like you need more tightening at the reins?

I'm surprized there has been so many people out and about and running around with all this cold weather we have been having. We had a few days this past week that with the wind chill were at least wasn't pleasant. But it didn't stop people from shopping!

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