Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am waiting till tommorow to see if I am accepted for sponsership for the child course I wanted to take....keeping my fingers crossed. I have been unemployed for about a year. In that time I wrote my book, and pinched my pennies.If little else, the sponsership will allow me to become more educated on a subject that I have always been interested in-psychology.I am hoping it will get my foot in the door though for employment,( I do have a job interview Tuesday).

It's not that we can't manage on what we live on, it's just nice to have the extra in case we want to do something else beyond our boundaries of what money allows us to do with one income.It wouldn't mean we would spend foolishly-it would just mean having more peace of mind.

Are you living on one income? Are you on unemployment insurance benefits? Are you happy with living on one income or would you like to be a two income family? Were you once a two income family and now decided to get out of the rat race? Please feel free to ramble here.


  1. My husband owns his own business so his income fluctuates. It's tricky trying to budget and plan with an income like this. I'm lucky that 9 months out of 12 I work and make a steady income. The summer months kills us, but we have gotten better at saving and planning for those months.

    I'd love one stable year-round income, so I've gone back to school for a teaching credential. If I can find a job, I will get paid all year for only 9 months of work. It's a sweet deal!

  2. Living on one income is tough but once you get the hang of it,it becomes a lot easier. That has worked in our case.

  3. Just an update that I was accepted for my course today!


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