Day 1- Orlando

Monday, September 24, 2012

We actually got in late last night- a day of travelling- so not much happened to blog about.
We took a flight with 2 connections- one was 2 hours and another was 3 hours. Very uncomfortable on the 3 hour flight.Seems like there is just so little space on the planes.Gerry and I both had an aching back by the time we had landed and decided then and there we didn't want to be travelling again by air on flights longer than 3 hours. Plus me, I always have to take Gravol- especially with the slight bit of turbulence.I actually take   it regardless..nicer to sleep through most of the flight.

This morning we lost time getting over to Whole Foods as we had major GPS problems- drove around for a good hour before we had to finally give in, go have breakfast and ask for some directions.Our GPS just could not get us there, and we had to rely on good old fashioned advise from the locals.We love shopping at Whole Foods though. It was worth spending time looking for. Good healthy food, and always busy at any location we have gone to.

We got a late start to the day after getting to bed at nearly 2 am. the night we arrived, so didn't get out of here till later,and therefore didn't get over to Epcot like we had planned. Had wanted to see the fireworks display but it just got too late. Did make it to Disney World though and saw as much as we could but our feet were killing us after a few hours, so had to quit. They had it decorated so nice there- all in a Halloween theme. Quite impressed with how much preparation must have gone into that.Quite busy though, even for this time of the year when we thought alot of people would have their children in school. Nicer to go later in the day as well as not as hot for walking around.

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