Day 2- Orlando and Area

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well, it's the end of another long day. Busy going through emails for the home business, and doing some blogging emails.Gerry's already gone to bed. I'm always the one to bed later and earlier to rise.I think he's been beat from all the city driving, and getting us from one place to the next.Man the GPS sure helps though!
Today we went to Cocoa Beach- about an hour from Orlando.We had our bi-plane ride booked firstly for the day.( I could not believe all the toll booths we had to go through to get there- something we aren't used to seeing but there are alot here.) We met with some of the staff at the Florida Biplanes and with Eric Cappel, our pilot, who gave us a 15 minute ride over the Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral area.It was a tight fit for Gerry and I up in the front of the plane, and quite windy up in the air, but with our fitted head gear and sunglasses, we faired quite well.The ride a smooth one and Eric was a great commentator.We loved it!
From the plane ride we headed to the Cocoa Beach pier- saw the sunbathers, the surfers waiting for their next waves, some fishermen and tourists like ourselves. Always nice to see and smell the ocean!
We had planned to go to the Brevard Zoo in the area but with it being at one end and us still not yet have gone to the Space Centre, we skipped the zoo, and headed over to the Kennedy Space Centre. Bad thing was, by the time we got there, we learnt they were closing at 5 and it was already 4 .We did take in as much as we could though and it was nice to have been able to visit a place in history.

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