Day 5-Orlando

Friday, September 28, 2012

Well, today was our last day in Orlando.We leave tommorow to fly into Saskatoon, before our 6 hour drive home on Sunday.Poor Gerry works Monday morning too. We'll pick up Jake in Prince Albert on Sunday. Poor guy, he'll be so happy I'm sure to see we came back!

Today, on our last day, we visited the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards in Clermont. It was quite interesting to  take a tour (free) of the machines they use to make wine,watch a short video and as well view the outdoor vineyard from the terrace.Once the short tour was done, we got to sample a collection of about 8 wines that are made at the winery and rate them. It was a first for us to see a winery.

After our winery tour we were off for a side by side Revolution Off Road adventure in Clermont as well. Gerry drove and this too was the first time we road in a side by side. We do have a quad, so Gerry had some experience with driving. We followed a lead driver and went on a 1/2 hour course.It was fun- something different for the both of us.

Tonight we just made it to the Cirque du Soleil Show-La NoubaLa Nouba translates to English as "to party, to live it up," and this theme is evident in the energetic performances, the colorful costumes and the moving live music.
  • La Nouba features a mix of mesmerizing high wire and flying trapezes, stunning acro-gymnastic performances and other dynamic displays of coordination and strength.
The Cirque du Soleil shows are always worth going to, and offer top entertainment.You'll see performers of all types that will make you laugh and awe in wonder of their talents to perform. This is a MUST see show for the whole family.The show is approx 90 minutes.

Tommorow- a day of travel. Good bye Florida!

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