Trick or Treat? I Say TREAT!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It’s a long held misconception that Halloween is about dressing up in costumes and great fun for kids. In fact the holiday is about treats and chocolate. What other time of the year is it perfectly all right to accept candy from strangers? Halloween is even something that healthy living advocates can get behind, as most of the candy comes in those tiny portion controlled sizes, so that you can have just one...or ten.  This year how about we forget about the ‘tricks’ and focus on the ‘treats’ instead.

Our friends who also love their Halloween treats:
Halloween candy sales grew by 5% in 2011 as families are planning bigger and better Halloween celebrations. More costumes, décor, food, fun and… candy. To help in that effort, Nestlé has announced new Halloween candy novelties and packs that will add to this year’s holiday flair.

Novelty candies are in demand and popular brands and flavors still rank among the most wanted. Spooky Nerds and BUTTERFINGER® Pumpkins offer a nod to the holiday in the brands families know and love. The Ultimate Scream (32 oz.) variety bag features the very best of Nestlé’s chocolate favorites, with fun-size bars of BabyRuth, 100 Grand, Crunch, and Butterfinger, and the Boo Bag! (38 oz.), which contains 60 fun size-bars of Nestlé Crunch, BabyRuth, and Butterfinger.

The Madelaine Chocolate Company-

Their Halloween Chocolate selection appeals to kids and adults. They have bulk chocolates for candy dishes, Halloween themed parties and trick or treating. They also have a large assortment of gift items.

Pumpkins, witches, and even eyeballs are just some of the many Halloween style foils they feature for all different kinds of chocolates ranging from solid milk to crunchy to caramel filled. Yum!

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