Review: A Better Cup of Coffee with Kienna Coffee

Sunday, February 24, 2013

While some people drink their morning coffee quite simply for the caffeine boost,  for others their morning cup o’ joe is serious business. People will search high and low to find the type of coffee that they love, for them coffee is not a necessity; it is a form of art.

A Calgary coffee roaster makes one seriously good cup of locally roasted coffee. These days, single serve coffee pods are all the rage in various households. With the easy and convenience of simply popping in a coffee pod, many people are switching from their regular drip system. Unfortunately, the pods can create quite a bit of extra waste. This is why we were excited to find out that Kienna coffee, offers their amazing coffee in a biodegradable KiennaCUP, with a Keurig coffee adapter. The plastic adapter has a lifespan of about 5000 cups of coffee-or as some might say one stressful month. The coffee comes in biodegradable satchels, which look almost like tea bags, after you are done with your coffee you can simply throw your used coffee baggie into the compost, creating no additional waste.

The coffee drinker in our family, Gerry, reviewed these for with our Keurig machine.

He said the pod adapter he received was easy to use and with the bags of coffees similar to tea bags.They were environmentally friendly and offered a better cup of coffee than regular pods you buy as the coffee seeped through and offered a very robust coffee flavor. Also, they are cheaper to buy this way than the plastic cups you buy in stores- which is always a plus.
The coffee is available at numerous retailers as well as online, so although you may be tempted to stock up, you don’t have to.

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