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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you online bingo fans caught on to the latest craze?  You don’t always have to hit the bingo sites for fun and frolics - people all over the UK in particular are starting to print out their very own tickets and hold bingo parties!  In fact, I hear that even super-glam Catherine Zeta Jones is partial to a bingo party – and if it’s good enough for Catherine its good enough for me.  I recently held by own party, printing off tickets and filling them out myself for my chums to dab off.  Of course I had to think about some little nibbles and yummy treats to serve up, and one of the goodies I served that my guests loved was mini hot dogs!

 I wanted to incorporate a fun and silly theme into my bingo night, after all – bingo is one of the most fun games to play online and off!  So I stuck with a carnival theme, offering my mini hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream cones – it all went down a treat.  If you fancy throwing a bingo party, try my recipe!  Its quick and easy and a whole lot healthier than ordering a takeout.  Obviously I wanted to impress, so I couldn't just cut up some hot dogs and throw them on a plate!  I bought some  tinned mini-hot dogs, but for something a little more special I flattened out some ready-made pastry and rolled my mini hot dogs in them!  They took just 13 minutes to bake and looked all golden brown and lovely!  It couldn't be easier – I served them with ketchup and mustard for the ultimate hot dog experience and my guests literally ate them up. 

My night was such a hit that I really suggest you throw your own bingo party night.  You could do what I did and print off the tickets – for which I had little prizes like wine and bath treats – but you could even log on and play bingo online to see who wins the most!  There are loads of variations you could throw in to make your night unique, and the guest are gone, and you still want to play bingoVisit this site and find the best new bingo sites for more action!

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