The Memphis Zoo

Friday, February 8, 2013

While in Memphis next month, Gerry and I will be visiting one of the best and most renowned Zoos in the United States-The Memphis Zoo. The zoo, which was established in 1906, has been ranking steadily as on the most popular zoos on the continent. It hosts modern exhibits that are very similar to the animal’s natural habitats.

The zoo houses numerous exhibits including Primate Canyon, Dragon’s Lair and an aquarium, just to name the very few of the 19 exhibits featured.

The exhibit that we are the most excited about is the China exhibit which is the home to Giant Pandas Ya Ya and Le Le. Although we always make an effort to visit animal themed attractions on our travels, we have never seen Giant Pandas and are incredibly excited to have this opportunity.

The Memphis Zoo is a modern zoo dedicated to conservation efforts, while at the same time providing visitors with an incredible experience. Any animal lover should take the opportunity to visit while in the area.

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