Book Reviews- Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, Ca.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sometimes it is really nice to look back on your travel adventures, once you have returned home. This is why we have been enjoying Sequoia National Park book by Arcadia Publishing. It is filled with beautiful black and white photographs of the park that boasts he world’s largest trees and has the highest peak in the continental United States. There is not much reading, but it is wonderful to flip through these historic photographs and thing to yourself-hey, I went there.

The second book we have been enjoying is Kings Canyon National Park by Arcadia publishing. It is wonderful to discover some new and interesting facts about the place that we have visited, including some that we were not even aware of when we were there. You can learn so much from these books, including exactly what led to the establishment of these parks, and how important it is for us to preserve these national treasures.
So as the Fall descends upon us, it will be nice to open up these books and look over the glorious images and reminisce of a wonderful vacation that we have had there in the summer months. A must for anyone who visited and those who plan to.

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