Day 4- Our California Vacation

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another long day! It's after midnight back home, 10 pm here in California, and just getting to my blog post for the day.

We left Miller's Landing in Bass Lake this morning- it was the first time we had seen the area, since we had arrived late the night before. It's a beautiful area and a very nice place to come to relax.

We even passed by a peach grove, orange grove, grape fields and many fresh fruit stands.

Today was alot of driving for Gerry, and the mountains to and from Kings Canyon had alot of switchbacks. I was even having some motion sickness after a while, as we drove to and from Kings Canyon and then into Visalia. Took some back roads down the mountains and there was alot of twists and turns in the roads. The scenery in Kings Canyon was amazing though, and quite scary at times as you climb quite high into the mountains and can see the canyon below.

Today in Kings Canyon National Park we saw:

-General Grant Tree- one of the giant sequoias in the park

-Roaring River Falls

-Zumwalt Meadow

My post today is more pictures than writing. Just a long day and must get to bed. Heading to Sequoia National Park tomorrow!

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  1. Absolutely fantastic pictures, I hope you are enjoying time with family.


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