Friday, September 13, 2013

UPDATE: To Give Away- To One US Reader

I have 4 U.S. coupons for FREE Healthy Choice frozen meals to give away to the first reader who messages me here in comments that they are interested. These are of no use to me and expire 05/2014.

maryjaco1 said...
I am very interested in them, please.

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Teressa Morris said...

I would love these, thank you!!
wizkey at sbcglobal dot net

maryjaco1 said...

I am very interested in them, please.

andrea v said...

I'm interested

Monique Fullowka said...

In fairness- going by time receieved, Teressa, have contacted you to send to you.

Monique Fullowka said...

Teressa Morris need to hear from you by tomorrow at latest for address to send your coupons to or have to send to next in line. Email me:

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