Sunday October 19th

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Well, this is one that should have been in our Quick Tips- "don't open your Halloween candy before Halloween!" I bought some candy last week and thought it will be fine as long as we don't open it. Well Gerry decided he wanted some Cheetos and I thought okay, well then- I'm eating some of the chocolate bars then, and we let loose-lol. Should have set my foot down.No willpower. Half the box of the mini bars are gone now, so my punishment is me having to replenish what we ate. Normally the money for treats will come out of the household grocery fund but I'll be taking it out of my own personal stash now.
Guess it's best not to have it in the house till the last possible moment before Halloween, OR do not open those boxes. How many others have opened their Halloween treats that they bought for Halloween? If the weather keeps up like it has been though it may not be too bad outside for the kids. Mild but cloudy.

It's on Gerry's to do list as well  to put up Christmas lights before the snow comes. Too cold on the hands once that happens. 

He's been working under the trailer since yesterday. Putting up all the insulation that had fallen down over the years. He said now that it's all up it may help keep the floors warmer.Also checking all the pipe work. A person tends to forget about these things that are "out of site and out of mind", but certainly something everyone should be thinking about and that is getting our homes ready for Winter.



  1. That is why I always buy candy I don't like

  2. Smart but then what would you do with leftovers?

  3. Cheese popcorn, almost all gone, oh well, I just buy more.


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