Thursday- October 23

Thursday, October 23, 2014

                            (View across the street out our front window)

Gloomy, gloomy out side but the weather is still holding up- warmer than normal this time of year..but still no sun and no blue sky. Cannot wait till we are able to get away in the winter, and go south to some blue sky, sun and color! Gerry has decided he will be retiring come this next Fall. It will mean he will lose his benefits but he doesn't want to stay there any longer. It would be wrong to keep working for additional years just to qualify for retirement health benefits. We've talked about this and we'll just buy them. He has some days off left to take before the end of the year and since we're not travelling anywhere, he's just going to be taking some Friday afternoons off. Nice. Makes the week that much shorter for him.

We are both talking about getting the flu shot this year. No charge. Gerry had one done last year and credited it to not having a cold all winter. I told him I guess I could get one done too. It's promoted alot around here. It's good to be healthy. I know I'd love to eat more healthier or have more healthier foods always available, but wow is it only me or is the cost of eating healthy crazy expensive? I use coupons when I can- combine with a sale item, but that doesn't usually help with the cost of meat or fresh produce for that matter. Living up North doesn't help either. We know- we've seen how prices vary when we're travelling south and then once we start coming closer towards home. I will only pay certain prices though for food. If it's above what I think is reasonable in my opinion, I just wont' buy it. Who else feel this way? 

On another note, I've been spending more time entering contests online but not winning like my daughter Erika does! She wins almost daily. But she does win alot on Instagram , Twitter parties, province specific, etc., Betters her odds. She wins alot of gift cards which is a big help for those extras, and things she wins she can't use, she sells which also helps them out. 

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  1. Your daughter is so lucky, I enter quite a few contests and have won mostly books. This is just fine with me because I do enjoy reading.

  2. she is yes! She puts alot of time into it and alot of positive energy :)


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