Sunday October 5th

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gerry was busy all day yesterday and today moving things in back yard. He had taken down the car port garage, had to move everything out of there, and putting in a new spot in the yard, as he has to move the fence in the back yard to make room for the RV for the winter. He said he's kinda on the back lane a bit with it and will need the room to get the quad out of the shed too. He said he could have stored it somewhere, but we didn't want to pay any storage fees, and a neighbor said they knew someone that had a place for it, but then again, Gerry didnt want it somewhere where he couldn't keep an eye on it. We bought a cover early this year too for it. We're also unsure if we are taking it out come Spring. We have thought about going to Arizona with it for a few weeks but will have to see what we can save between now and then. We've already used up all our travel money for now so we'll be staying put plus Gerry has used up mostly all of his holidays for the year. No income tax refund till March and no company bonus till May so if we save till then, we may be able to do it. Gas of course will be the kicker. Gerry said at least $1500 return.Were hoping to check out the cheap land though where you can boon dock for free in Arizona or $40 for 2 weeks. Was told the weather is great though out west in Canada as well right now.

Will also have to plan our RCI trip this year as we have enough points every two years for a one week stay using our points. Thinking of Branson. Has anyone been there?

Jakey and I are staying in today-so cold out. Calling for possible snow tonight. Hope your all staying warm. 


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