Saturday, October 25

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gerry busy today outdoors and me cleaning and puttering indoors. We hear we're suppose to get snow tonight so he's putting up outdoor Christmas lights. He was also cleaning the inside of his truck,(still trying to sell it), and taking pictures to re post on the local Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. Want to sell his truck, and my car to get one vehicle for when he retires next Fall. So hopefully we can sell .

He did some Fall tree trimming, cleaned the bottom side of my iron, we went grocery shopping and he installed some new bathroom taps in the RV and more, on his "honey do" list.

Jake and I had gone to the shop earlier to find him for a "coffee break" and the wood stove was on in there, so I added some more burning materials to the fire and made it toasty warm in there. Sure is a nice heat when we have little sun now, shorter days and even the indoor heat just isn't the same as heat from the wood stove.

Check out the new bed set we got from Sears- sold some things, and bought a much needed set. Donated the other older set to charity.

Ria,( daughter in Honduras) sent us a few pictures of a monkey she was making friends with that she saw on some of her travels in the area. People were telling her not to touch it because it bites. She said the monkey has been tied up for years she heard. She just wanted to give it some love. I think if I was tied up and the monkey, I would bite too. She runs the petting zoo here in the summer, and has worked in the past at a vet office. She has little fear of animals hurting her. She gives them respect and she gets it back. 

Making home made pizza for supper so must run off and get that started! Time does slip away once I get on here !


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