Friday- December 12

Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm planning on cancelling one of our 2 credit cards at the end of this month. We have one that gives us points for gas gift cards and has no annual fee. As well, the one we are cancelling we've almost had for a year. It gave us welcoming points that were able to give us a $50 gift card, then we continued to use it, paying it always as we used it, and occurring no interest, for the year. But our year will come to an end soon and unfortunately it will cost $150 for the year to use it next year.That fee was originally waived when we signed up and got our bonus points as well, but we don't want to pay $150 for next year and they wont waive the fee. With the card we were able to get approx. $400 in gift cards through the points, and like I mentioned, incurred no interest, so I'd say we did good with that one. We had gotten an offer in the mail for another but a person has to read everything and see if it works good for you. Bonus sign up points and as well no annual fee is the two things I would look for. Do you have credit cards and make them "work for you?"

Will our days still short here for the winter, we are finding we are having to turn on the lights/power sooner in the evening and as well for longer in the morning. Also using more power now for the outside Christmas lights and inside ones on tree, but maybe it's minimal? We don't have the outside lights on for hours at a time- usually a few hours in evening. Have seen some houses leave them on all night!

Getting darker earlier also is seeing us all sitting down earlier in the evening to watching tv and snacking, and snacking.I'm not walking this winter at the rink, but bike a few times a day to do something at least! We hope that when Gerry retires next year that will change and we will both get out more to exercise. even our Jakey is getting fatter! Anyone else seeing this trend?

Also started drinking green tea. Hoping it will give me some health benefits and energy- both of what I lack!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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