The Dorcy Motion Sensor Flood Light Will Come In Handy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Traveling is a lot more fun and convenient when done in an RV. You can set your own pace and detour wherever, whenever, you feel like it. Gerry and I love to travel .  Now that we have the RV though, and Gerry is possibly retiring next year, we will be going out on more road trips with it, so we want to equip it as best we can with products of home and safety features for us as well.

When we received the Dorcy LED Motion Sensor Flood Light for the outside of RV, we were quite pleased! It is a great safety feature that we can add to the RV and are anxious to review it. Too bad it's winter and the RV is still covered so we'll have to wait until spring comes to have it set up on the RV.Gerry did try it out in the house and outdoors in the yard and said it offered great coverage.

Please note- this product is not just for camping or RV use.. it also works very well mounted in other areas of the home as well. Gerry said too it comes off the mount so works good to take off if raining or if one needs to use it for another purpose while at their location.

So stay tuned for that review as I am sure if you are an RV owner like us, you will find this product useful for your next camping trip as well.

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