Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday December 12

Time to take a moment to say hello again... please stay tuned as our new site will be showing up very soon- the finishing touches are going on now and should be any day now.

This week I booked a week long May vacation in Branson, Missouri, through our timeshare with RCI. We're not sure yet if we'll be driving with the RV and little Jakey, and leaving him at a kennel there while we are in the condo ,( no pets allowed), or if we will be flying.  Gerry loves driving the RV and although takes us longer to get anywhere it would be nice in a way to avoid the whole airport and airplane thing. We'll see closer the time. Am excited to be going to Branson. I have their tourism guide and there seems to be plenty to see and do. Has anyone been to Branson and have their own must sees or don't bother seeing attractions?

Gerry is still planning the retirement for the new year, and has a 2 hour, new client  appt. to see a financial planner, with regards to debt we still have and figures with what he has in his fund. He wants to make sure he can make the move before he makes the move, but I am staying positive. 

This week we got our Santa's Choice food boxes in - we pay into them all year and then this time of year the boxes arrive. We didn't pay in for next year though as we are hoping to be gone for a greater part of the winter. One of the things we did get in our pack was Nestle Turtles- and boy were we disappointed. It like everything else in the grocery world are downsizing. Although not the full sized Turtles, and ones from a 400g box, we still knew they got smaller as they could swim around in their over sized plastic wraps they were placed in. But not only the size had changed but there was a lack of pecans. The Turtles were more caramel than anything. Yes, I did complain to the company, who told me they would put in a report with " quality control". However I told the agent on the phone, I'm not sure how that will help when I'm sure no changes will be made and that everyone is trying to make cutbacks with their food products. I'm not sure I would buy them again because of this either.

The cost of groceries keeps rising. Seems like everytime I go to the store it's something. I'm glad we aren't feeding a family at this time in our lives and we only are us 2 and the dog. Yes, I use coupons. Yes, I try to shop sales and combine coupons. Not all the time do you have a coupon though or when you need a product is it on sale. Sometimes your extras do run out. Eating healthy is another story as well. All the good for you food costs more. The whole grain bread, the berries/fruit, and veggies- especially too with us living up North.

We had about 2-3 boxes of frozens and non perishables from our Santa packs that  we aren't going to eat though- so were able to give my parents a box of stuff and hoping to connect with the local food bank to give them the other two boxes.

Other that that, not much else happening. We're using more heat cause it's cold, and more power as the furnace fan is running more and it's darker earlier so we need lights on earlier in the afternoon. Christmas shopping is almost done, and we were lazy last weekend and didn't get the tree up but for sure the inside decorations and a few outdoor ones will go up this weekend. Everyone stay warm and don't get too stressed over the holidays. Will talk to you all again soon.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Pets and Pet Owners

Don't forget the family pet this Christmas! We've found some great places to get gifts for your pet or for the animal-lover in your life this holiday season. We've rounded up a few great ideas:

R2P Pet-

R2P (Ready 2 Play) is based in sunny Emeryville, California. Their team of pet lovers connects people with their pets through innovative, fresh and stimulating products. They're committed to designing products with a purpose, with each design tailored to enhance the lifestyles of both pets and their families. As a team of responsible pet owners they know that safety is a priority and  take pride that all of the materials used in their products is 100% traceable to their source. R2P products are distributed worldwide in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Italy.

STUFT Dream Mat

This luxurious and dreamy mat is machine washable and is perfect for any pup who loves to be comfortable everywhere they go!

Silly Bums

Nothin' butt fun for dogs! With realistic-looking cozy plush fur, enticing crinkle and squeaking sounds, Silly Bums are great for cuddling and fetching and are sure to please any canine.

Categories Puff Squeak

Bring out a cat's natural hunting instincts with this interactive cat toy that lights up and makes a realistic mouse squeak that cats can't resist.

Categories Batnip Ball

A fun, mess-free way for cats to enjoy catnip! This solid catnip ball features natural feathers and is perfect for batting, tossing, rolling, and pouncing.

Dog & Cat Owners Rejoice: is a monthly subscription-based service that sends its members a box of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats and dogs, is ready to make your four legged friend happy just in time for the holidays. lets visitors choose whether they are ordering a box for their own pets or as a gift for a friend. Subscribers then provide a bit more information about their pet; i.e.; name, small or large sized cat or dog, and how long they would like their four-legged friend to receive their PetGiftBox subscription. Subscriptions range from just $17.99 per month without long term commitments, to one time gifts at $24.99. And shipping is always free. A portion of all proceeds will be given to America's VetDogs,® an  organization serving the needs of veterans with disabilities. For more information visit and follow on Facebook.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What? -

Our feline friends constantly surprise and charm us with their silly antics, their loving connections with our family members, and their surprising intelligence. You will enjoy reading all the 101 amazing and humorous stories in this collection about the mischief, miracles, and magic our cats bring to our lives. This collection will make you laugh and touch your heart and after reading these stories we know you'll say, "The cat did what?"

Harry Barker -
Harry Barker creates inspiring, eco-friendly pet products while upholding sustainable efforts across all categories. Their holiday selection is unique and customizable and makes for the perfect gift. Their assortments range from durable rope toys, to tasty treats and adorable plush holiday canvas toys. There is holiday cheer for everyone - pup and parent!

Canada Pooch-

As the warmest jacket in the Canada Pooch collection, the North Pole Parka is designed to protect your pooch from winter’s harsh bite! Made with a waterproof shell, faux-down insulation, and a warm fleece lining this parka is sure to help your pooch brave the elements in style. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the North Pole Parka will suit every dog’s needs!

Bowzer Box-

Bowzer Box includes a variety (5-7 items) of handpicked items including full size toys and treats (wheat free), samples, and coupons from various brands that we, and our pooches, love. We look for only the best quality, tried and true products, and we aim to take the guesswork out of providing for your pup. Every box is unique and each one will highlight a Canadian product.  We even take care of shipping it right to the lucky pups door anywhere in Canada.

National Geographic's - THE DOG LOVER’S GUIDE TO TRAVEL: Best Destinations, Hotels, Events, and Advice to Please Your Pet—and You by: Kelly E Carver-

National Geographic has the ultimate resource for traveling with your furry friend featuring hundreds of dog-friendly places to pamper your pooch. From doggie daycare to canine cruises. Special features include walks you can take with your dog, insider tips from local pet parents on how to best enjoy their area with a pup, and sidebars detailing unique opportunities for coddled canines, such as winery hikes in California wine country. Any dog owner who travels with their dog, would love this book!

**Watch this spot for more upcoming gifts for pets and pet owners.