Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday December 10

Absolutely can't believe how the time is flying by. Where is December going??
We are being blessed with warm weather but to me, Gerry and Jakey I think we'd all  be happier if there was no snow though and we could actually go sit outside.We got dumped on with snow the other day and poor Gerry had to do a bunch of hand shoveling.. not easy...especially too when he is used to using his quad or snow blower- Both died on him on the same day. The quad actually had the winch break, that lifts the blade, so he had to buy a new one to the tune of $180. The snow blower he's still not sure of but he said he'll need to take a look at it.

Felt bad about spending $30 on a non winning scratch ticket the other day. It was a Christmas one and thought I gotta win something if I spend $30- but nope. Well, that one hurt- and lesson learnt. If your meant to win the universe will have you win I'm sure on a $1 ticket. You hear alot of those stories where someone wins the lottery and it's their first time buying a ticket or they only bought one. Guess most lessons are tough lessons.


What is Happening With The Web Site??

Some of you may have already noticed that the site has changed a bit. For a few days we were a totally different look and now back to a half half look of what the new site was going to look like and the old site.

Sorry, my fault.. and I'm trying to get some order back to it. I wanted to try to switch from Blogger to Word Press but unfortunately, me not being too techie and really not great with computer stuff at all, I just couldn't do grasp it. Seemed too complicated for me and now I am trying to switch it all back. Unfortunate as well for me, I lost money doing this, as someone had to take the time to work on a new site for me. I'll chalk this up as a lesson for the books on " being happy with what you have."

So please be patient and we'll try to have some order back up soon.