Moved a Bit in Camp

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We've moved the camper to a different spot. Only into the next lot, but we've got less rocks in this lot, more trees to block the wind, and we angled more so we can use the solar panels we have to a better advantage for ourselves. We also seem to have more of a "yard"-LOL

We are heading to Scottsdale on Thursday and will be back on Friday evening. (2 hour drive.) We'll stay in a hotel overnight and Jakey will stay in a kennel. There isnt much for camping spots in the city and it will just be alot easier and quicker for us to do it this way. PLUS, we're still waiting to get the windshield fixed on the RV and can't be taking it anywhere on the highway.  I'll be going for a couple of appts. and also went to use some US gift cards I have. Hopefully too get a bit of shopping done. Hard to shop sometimes though with the thought always in my mind that every Canadian dollar we spend, we're paying .39 more on it here.

We had to run into town today with the RV to get more propane and more gas- both run things like the generator and our furnace. Temps get cold in the desert at night so the furnace has to run. In the mornings there usually isnt a wind and we walk on the road with Jakey but winds pick up by afternoon and we walk in the "wash" instead. We were told that this area is in a cool snap right now and will be for a few more weeks. Hmmm. Florida on MY mind-LOL, although everyone says more humid there and bugs. Something we don't have either of right now here in Arizona.


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