Sunday December 6

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tomorrow we're heading over to Yuma. It's an 80 minute drive south. Taking the SUV, leaving the RV here. Taking Jakey and he'll stay at a doggy daycare there and get his hair cut too while he's there. See online they are calling for 26 degrees there tomorrow. 22 here. They are always warmer then here.

I did some looking into what we were paying on our dollar for exchange. We took very little cash and usually will just use our credit card. Noticed on our credit card online statement that it costs $1.37 for every dollar we spend but the online exchange rate as of yesterday was only $1.34 per dollar. So guess we are paying an extra .03 on every dollar because we use the credit card- even though we pay it off right away. The bank charges more for this service. So grrr. Will need to look into opening a US bank account the next time we are back home for any future visits to the US. 

Throat has been scratchy while here, off and on. Lots of dust though. We're right along a dirt road but as well, it is a dusty place. Even the lady who cut my hair said: " we eat dirt out here"- so guess it's in the air- leaves a fine dust on things. You can see it when the sun is shining just the right way in here.

Miss my recycling. Back home it seems Canada is more big into recycling - bins everywhere for cans, bottles, cardboard, but don't see any of that here. Of all the campgrounds we had stayed at to get here there was nothing like that. So we're been just throwing it away. Will get back into the saving once we get home again.

We've taken the RV in to have the window looked at so just waiting for the reply back on claims.Wont be able to take it on the road till it gets fixed- the one corner is just too badly cracked.Hoping not to have to wait too long to hear back. But could be up to 2 weeks.  May have to pay $100 deductible or none- not sure as of yet. Not 100% sure anyhow.

Will share our day in Yuma tomorrow evening!


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