Haircut Day!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Rates went up again for Jake's hair cut - $55 and tax= $62.50!
Not something I think I could or would want to do on my own though, despite us being DIYers. But costly. He goes every 2- 3 months. Try to hold off as long as I can.

After being at the doggy salon for 2 hours though, he's beat!


  1. Awe, he looks so cute! We pay the same and ours goes once a month! We had a dog we had to sedate first and 15 years ago she would cost us $150 and she was a Collie so a ton of hair! So to us the $60.00 is a steal :)

  2. yeah he steals our heart too-LOL
    Wow- that is alot more than us!


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