The Beauty of Different Education – Drawing, Coloring and Sketching

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Parents should never underestimate the value and importance of drawing, coloring, painting and scribbling at an early age. Proven to have immense beneficial impact on early emotional, cognitive and motor development, drawing represents a key simple method of finding one's personality, style and form a view on the surrounding environment. Often neglected and considered a transitional period, scribbling represents the incipient stage of drawing.

Using a pencil on a blank piece of paper is something every child tries. The reason for this practice might lie in the natural curiosity we all showcase regarding the world as we try to understand and grasp the reality. We try to form an opinion on how things work, to put static things into scale and perspective, to apprehend the reason and form shapes and shadows form and influence us. All of these happen at an unconscious level when we are young and our minds are malleable. It is thus a crucial phase, one that will dictate future development and formation.

Understanding shapes represents the next stage where the mind is constantly trying to make complex connections. Their representation varies and evolves in time, their composition forming the early form of the classical house. Later on the human shape comes into picture in family portrays, firstly formed from basic circles and lines than evolving into a more accurate resemblance as time goes by and perspective and proportions are assimilated by the young mind.

Conceptualization takes over as the child tries to mimic his surrounding environment and the actions seen around him. Landscapes are present in his drawings in the way he manages to perceive it and here it is essentially important to encourage his own take on the world. Never critique, positive feedback should be constant as early stages will influence future self-confidence and shown interest in the art field and more. Discipline, physical control are all important aspects drawing and coloring can and will teach a young soul. Following a limit when coloring will exercise control and patience, the chosen hues will reflect a character trade.

As the child evolves, the realistic phase kicks in where the young mind moves from conceptualization to more realistic depictions of the reality. Imagination and creativity linger on but in a more moderate form. From now on, a professional aid will be required if the mind desires to pursue this field. Different techniques can be learned, the art supplies will change according to the preferred art area, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylics and so on but the single constant will remain the parent's encouragement and positive response to the unique view on the world each child has and forms.

Every parent has to undertake this journey with his child as they both change the perspective on the world and on life. The key is the journey itself and the crucial steps we each have to take to become independent, self-sufficient personas with personal beliefs and formed personalities. Now let's dive into the wonderful colorful world of cartoons and try to be a kid once more.

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