A Bit of Work and a Bit of Money- But Done

Monday, June 19, 2017

You may have remembered our June 15th post, where I mentioned we were bottoming out every time we came into the driveway in the back with the RV. It was a problem that had to be fixed.

Gerry was able to call a neighbor with a bob cat and get a hole dug to take out the mixture of dirt that was in there. Dirt that was causing us to sink into the back driveway with the RV- especially since our lot is built in a muskeg area.
Once dug, he ordered 5 yards of limestone chips-for $110, filled that in, but seemed to be still sinking. So used the dirt that was pulled out and used it as a topper to seal the limestone chips.

He also used another neighbor's compactor to pack it.
So end result: we have a back driveway that will allow us to drive the RV in and out without sinking.


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