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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The great state of Colorado in Western USA is a place that is famed for its stunning and incredibly diverse landscape. Here you will find the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, river canyons, rolling hills, desert, thick forest and plenty more. It is for this reason that it is such a popular tourist destination and each year people flock to escape to nature and see these amazing sights for themselves. Although it is possible to see these areas by yourself, many find it easiest to explore Colorado’s natural highlights by booking on an adventure holiday with companies like Grand American Adventures.

There are many highlights to see in Colorado, but here are a few of the best natural wonders:

Rocky Mountain National Park

Top of this list is this mesmerizing National Park in northern Colorado. It is one of the most visited parks in the world, yet due to its size it can still feel like you are completely alone. Here you are treated to dense forests, alpine lakes, meadows and dramatic mountain peaks, which can be explored either on foot, but many people also come for horseback riding, camping, fishing, climbing and other fun activities.

Garden of the Gods

An awe-inspiring sight, the Garden of the Gods is a registered National Natural Landmark found in Colorado Springs. It consists of towering sandstone rock formations that soar up to 300 foot into the sky - these contrast beautifully against the snow-capped mountains and bright blue sky behind. The public park features 15 miles of trails, allowing you to get right up close to the gigantic structures and explore the unique surroundings.

Pikes Peak

One of the legendary “fourteeners” (mountains reaching over 14,000 feet) - this is one of the most famous and popular mountains in the entire world found in Pike National Forest. Fortunately, it is easy to reach the summit as you can drive right to the top or take the scenic railway which takes around three hours. Prepare yourself for astonishing views from 14,115 feet!

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
Found in central Colorado in the Elk Mountains, in this impressive 181,535-acre area you will find the world-famous Maroon Bells twin peaks which are regarded as one of the most photographed landscapes in the States. You will find plenty more photograph opportunities with the alpine forests, meadows, high alpine lakes and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Colorado is, unquestionably, one of the most beautiful states in America due to its remarkable scenery. These are just a few of the highlights, but there are many more just waiting to be uncovered.

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