Boost The Look Of Your #Business' Brand Without Blowing Your #Budget

Monday, June 12, 2017

Whether you run a small business, you’re a freelancer, or you work for yourself, you know the importance of having a good looking brand. You know you need to look as professional as the big guys if you’re going to attract the kind of clients you want and need. But how can you compete with the corporate machines if you’re on a budget? Because while you make ends meet, sometimes it’s touch and go. The future’s looking bright, but for now, your budget is certainly on the tighter side. If you need a bit of a hand with your budget, read this post. You might be doing something a bit daft, that could be costing you a fair amount every month!

Luckily there’s plenty of ways you can help boost the appearance of your brand, without spending an excessive amount of money. Here’s a few things to get you started - and if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Create a professional looking and sounding website

In this age of digital, you can’t underestimate the power of a brilliant website. It’s often the first place your potential and existing customers will look. Now, people are more likely to see your site and find information out on there, rather than calling you up. So, you need it to look smart and sound smart. If design and writing aren’t in your skillsets, you should pay professionals to do it for you. It’s a small investment now, but it will bring you plenty of business. If the writing on your site is hard to understand, and the site itself looks messy, people won’t trust you - so it’s vital to get this right. Here’s a good guide to choosing the right copywriter for your business, and here’s one to help you find someone to design your website.

Align your look across everything

From invoices and written communications, to t-shirts and diaries, everything that comes from your company should look the same. When your website is designed, you’ll be able to have a logo mocked up, unless you have one already. So, use this logo on everything. Have your diary personalised, and all your letterheads, envelopes and email templates. This isn’t a huge thing to change - but it will help you rival big companies in terms of looking professional. Companies like Giftsin24 will help you personalize your stash, with no stress.

Play around on social media

Just like having a website is important, so is having social media accounts. People don’t really call places up anywhere. They’d prefer to message you on Facebook or Twitter. And plus, it’s a great way to grow your customer base. By posting interesting updates, blogs and images, you’ll be able to attract and engage with lots of new people. You can do your own social media work, you might just have to allocate a certain amount of time to do it every day. has a great guide to social media for beginners - study it, and start putting it into practice! It’s a good idea to have a play around on ‘private’ mode or before you have any followers, just in case you make any mistakes to start with.

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