You Know What They Say

Thursday, June 15, 2017

You know what they say- "every time you move it costs you money!" So true.
Well, not in the literal sense of moving- but going out.

We took a two day trip with the RV to Prince Albert, Sask. ( 5 hours south, with the RV and stops for the dog). Jakey had a dental appt. for a cleaning, (which he seems to need usually every 6 months on average- mainly due to his breed type ( Yorkie).

We were lucky he didn't need any teeth pulled this time, but with fluids, teeth cleaning, x-rays, a nail trim and flea and tick treatment, it costed a grand total of $467.73.

We did take in our recyclable bottles and cans towards the gas- which now the recycling center also takes milk jug so that is a bonus! Got $45 for those.

Gas there and back was $290 ( cheaper Gerry feels than if we would have towed the SUV and we didn't)..but saved us on the hotel. ( Also $48 to register the RV for 8 day minimum). We parked in the Super 8 parking lot- (we asked- so no fees for camping for us!), and also used their free Wi-Fi! We figure it still was about $80 more than if we would have just took the SUV and stayed in a hotel. But nice to have our home and own bathroom on wheels! 

Got myself a "new to me" computer monitor for $12.99 at a thrift store- but realized when we came home we don't have a cord for it- so we'll have to look for one of those here. ( I'm just using a small TV monitor right now). If this works okay.. I'll have saved myself at least $100!

While traveling we also noticed a leak in one of the toilet valves ( which we figure happens form rough roads) so had to get a part for that- $90! Plus caulking for the roof- another $20+.With a stop at grocery store, and buying some clothes.. it was at least a $1,000+ trip. I did save $20 on lunch at Montana's though with Scene reward points!

Coming home, we made a stop off the road, and the tire pressure monitor system was beeping. Gerry checked and the extension valve had rubbed against the tire enough to start a leak, so he was lucky he all the tools, etc he needed and in a gravel pit, so was able to fix that- a delay that costed us a later arrival home of an extra hour, but we made it home! 

All I can say is I'm so glad Gerry is so handy- he can fix everything! He even helped some sales clerks at one store, who were struggling with bending a clothing rack! They were most grateful.

Our backyard is very soft, and it's where we park the RV.We noticed this once again when pulling into the back yard last night. We were talking and will have to come up with something that is cost effective to fix it, as at times it can make it difficult to get in and our of the back yard with the RV.


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