5 Ways To Save Money On Tools

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Building your toolkit isn’t a small expense. By the time you’ve got everything you need, you might question why you didn’t just hire someone to do the job for half the price of what you paid?

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While buying tools can be expensive, you have to think of them as an investment - you never know what might need to fix in the future. However, just because tools are expensive - it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money on them.

Take a look at these five simple ways to save money on tools.

1. Buy used

Used, refurbished and second-hand tools are great for helping you save money on a brand new item. While they’ll need to be checked over to make sure they still work, there’s no reason why buying used tools can’t be a great way for you to build your toolkit and save money. If you’re buying used from eBay, Amazon or Craigslist, feel free to ask questions about the items and their history before you part with the money.

2. Look for discounts

You can pick up some great discounts on tools and equipment online; you just need to know where to look. The wishlist function on Amazon is great for being alerted to price drops while signing up to store newsletters will also help you to find out more about the latest offers. Search for a discount code before you checkout to help you save money when shopping online.

3. Buy from outlets

There are some great outlets to help you buy more affordable tools and safety clothing from top brands. FR Outlet is a great store for picking up high-quality safety clothes and accessories, so you can fill up your workshop wardrobe without worrying about what you’re spending. Outlet malls are a good place to find different bargains, so when it comes to looking for tools - this will be an easy way for you to save money.

4. Go halves with someone else

Buying tools can be expensive, especially if you’re not going to be using them all the time. It might make more sense for you to partner up with a friend, relative or neighbor to buy some tools together so that you both save money. See if anyone is willing and make sure you set out some kind of rota system so that you don’t end up needing the tools at the same time.

5. Wait until sale time

Black Friday and the post-Christmas sales are a great time to pick up deals on everything, including household tools. While money might be tight because it’s the holidays, it’s wise to save up if you’ve got your eye on something specific. Keep an eye out during the sales to see if anything you need is reduced to a more attractive price.

If you’re struggling to save what you need, there are ways you can save without any drastic changes - helping you free up some extra cash to get your tools. Remember to shop around to get the best deal to help you build the toolbox you need, without breaking the bank.

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